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significant amount of money. >> some booktv, greg gutfeld cohost of fox news argues that liberals view lives manufactured outrage and unofficial tolerance to dislike criticism of their political and social ideology. the author contends that what he deems a smart intolerance should be used to counter liberal arguments. it's about an hour.
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[applause] >> thank you. the first library i have been in where i haven't been asked to -- believe. i'm not kidding actually. i'm going to get to that library joke in a minute that was going to mean i intra. i have to tell you during a signing and that so many nice people when i was sitting in their and i was sitting there for like -- what would it be like if all of your fans were? wouldn't that tell you something, if all of your fans, i can't swear because i'm in the reagan library but if they were, i mean what if you are bill maher her. [laughter] so, i am signing books here and a young man gives me a tiny uniform.
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[laughter] you can see that, right? is the smallest unicorn i have ever seen but its unicorn and that's all that matters. do you think that sean hannity gets unicorn's? [laughter] he does not have time for unicorns. bill o'reilly? maybe if he was doing a book called killing unicorns. [laughter] i get the unicorns. they don't get the unicorns. by the way, how many people are fans of redeye? [applause] this whole unicorn thing got out of hand. the reason why i was talking about unicorns in the beginning of the show was because i thought it was odd and weird that a middle-aged man would wod assess with something. i thought as a conservative, libertarian, it would be interesting to create false narratives about you that would kind of throw off the left. if you assign certain kinds of behaviors to yourself, they
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don't know what to make of you and i learned this when i was at "the huffington post," that i created this whole false story behind me that i lived with his flight instructor named scott. he was never home, and there would always be some kind of weird stench in the basement. i wrote this stuff because the left wasn't used to dealing with somebody who was messing with them. in the world of left and right, the right was always what i would call the theme from animal house. they delighted in that. my goal in life was to switch that and i don't need any help, because the left has become over the last 30 years the person that is trying to zap the fun out of your life and uses tolerance in order to outlaw any decent behavior that you might have. i talk to that i made that joke
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about being thrown out of the library. i made that joke because it's a good example of what the book is about. this story redeye, it doesn't matter because i'm probably making it up. [laughter] there was a story about how they were having a problem with homeless people looking at pornography and libraries. and a solution in the 1950's, we didn't have the internet so it doesn't exists. that is a joke. my point being, common sense in the 50s and 60's would have been throw the person out but that is not how it works these days. in the age of tolerance, you have to tolerate or your child has to tolerate a person who is using the internet and a library to look at pornography so their solution was to create screen guards. that was their solution. rather than just doing it -- do
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the right thing which is get out you. [laughter] believe me i have heard that many times. [laughter] it works. it got me out of john stossel's apartment. [laughter] but then he asked me to come back in and we had coffee. we played some janke. the big point and there a lot of points in the book but the big point is everything sensible becomes mean and everything bad becomes justified under the rubric of tolerance. so the joke about taking your pants off in the library is not tolerable, saying i don't want that happening is narrowminded. so that is where we are today. we are in a world where common sense is considered wrong. or outmoded, irrelevant, bad, blah, blah, blah. i want to talk about the fact that i'm here the reagan library
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which is kind of amazing. out of all the presidents i have met, he is my favorite. [applause] he is the only, the only president i have met. but i want to tell you about -- i don't know many people who have met him and i was very lucky. in 1987, 88 i worked for a magazine called "the american spectator." do was run by an interesting guy. my job was picking up the seriousness. i won't get into this further because we are on c-span, but i was paid on average i think i take home pay for two weeks was $300, for two weeks. i lived with two elderly ladies on george mason dr. and i had nothing. so whenever anybody complains about trying to find a job, i go try living with old ladies in
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arlington virginia. try it and then you can find an older sister to live with them. so there was greed. anyway, apparently ronald reagan twice a gear goes to people's houses. i would go to my bosses house. what do you need and of course my mowing the lawn and i'm washing the windows. i'm hoping that over time i am doing all of this stuff and sooner or later he will save greg, you can stick around and meet the president. sooner or later after days and days of preparation that is what happened. i got to meet him. the the highpoint -- though there are a couple of high point to meeting ronald reagan. one of them was when the sniffer dog came in and went to the bathroom on my boxers. [laughter] to this day he thinks it's me and it might have been. the great thing about dogs, they don't live along enough to tell
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stories. the unicorn over here. so at dinner, i often tell people that i had an intimate dinner with ronald reagan. that is what i tell people and it is true. it is true because after the dinner was over i actually took his dinner and i went into the kitchen and i ate it. i am not kidding. so technically i shared an intimate chicken dinner with ronald reagan. [laughter] the embarrassing part about how you have the supper -- make amazing opportunity and you screwed up. you are watching this insane motorcade coming up the street and all the neighbors are in lawn chairs outside drinking and this is a huge. even if they hate ronald reagan which they probably did because he's he is the worlds greatest president, blah, blah, blah, and
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they hate them. he is no jimmy carter. they are all waiting there and all of a sudden they are starstruck. i'm out there. i'm not out there, and in the living room wearing a cheap suit and a stained tie and i'm watching this motorcade come in and i'm going wow, he must be coming in and i turn around and he's standing right there. it was kind of the decoy so there is this person in a reagan mask. that is how you feel when you see somebody like that. who is this in a reagan mask but it was ronald reagan. he was drinking a screwdriver and he was sitting there drinking. there weren't really any service people there and i was standing there. he was kind of standing there and they had a photographer there. it's not like now where everybody is like this. so why did what i would normally
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do, at one up to them and said hello to him but i didn't say hello. i said -- [laughter] he just looked at me and said -- it's nice that they have those people come to these dinners. how compassionate. anyway i ended up in the kitchen. i ate his dinner and talk to the secret service guy, played the piano. remember her? don't worry. it's fitting i'm here. i think i have something in common with ronald reagan. he was governor of california. i lived in california. [laughter] he was once a democrat. via once bought a counterfeit watch in times square. the same thing. everybody makes mistakes.
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as an actor, i opposed a three-foot hairy chimp made bonzo. i worked with -- no, no, no. that was cheap. that was cheap. the only reason why i can make that joke about bob is that he is a lovable guy. [laughter] are we going to make a speech about bob? because i will. i've got nothing to do. bob is a great guy. this is on c-span and he will say why are you defending me? bob is a great guy. bob performs a service. [laughter] i should shut up. i should just quit. another thing i have in common with ronald reagan, he championed trickle-down economics. i have a weak bladder.
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on june 12, 19 and seven he told soviet premier gorbachev to tear down this wall. i like vodka. he calls russia rashawn evil empire. every day i called dana perino and evil person. i know you guys think she's adorable and she talks about that dog. [applause] you guys actually think jasper is a dog? that is an armenian man that she hired as an indentured serving and wearing a fur costume. all she does is go around central park and take pictures of this poor sweaty men man all over central park. it's disgusting. somebody has to tell the truth. lastly, ronald reagan was a
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charismatic leader who influence millions of people concerning freedom and individuality around the world and i think i and all of you your products is that. that is not a joke. [applause] i should stick to the joke thing. all of you look at me like, what was that about? anyway, so the book is kind of born of the reagan era. it's about people who pretend to be tolerant when in fact they are not at all and they use it as a weapon to shut you up. who was the first real target? it was ronald reagan. what was he portrayed as in the media? what kept him from talking about low taxes are free markets was he was described as being cold and evil. the data never hugged you and the basis of a liberalism, the data never hugged. he didn't hate the poor. he ate the poor. a consequence of this,
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republicans don't really fight back. we assume that we are cold and we don't know what to do about it except continually make the economy work while we let the liberals destroyed and then we come in every two years and fix it. but right now -- [applause] common sense is viewed as intolerant. the nicest thing you can say to somebody no matter who it is is to get a job. the nicest thing you can say. when you're walking down the street and there's a guy panhandling and you say get a job, you're complimenting him. you are saying that you have the will and the means to get a job. but now these days if you say that, you are seen as mean and intolerant to assume people have the power to act of their own volition. that is where we are at now, that we can think of ourselves
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as a person he can take care of themselves. you are a bigot. i never thought i would see compassionate conservative thing. do you remember that? the hat fell off. the compassionate conservative is redundant. being a conservative is being compassionate. it just takes the extra check for people to realize they're in believing something that is better for them. calling somebody a compassionate conservative is like calling somebody a naïve liberal. [applause] the biggest offenders in the world of tolerance is what i call the taller ruddock. these are people that are tolerant until they need you. they don't realize that tolerance only works when you talk to people you disagree with. it doesn't work when you use it amongst friends. it does not work that way. it's like having a party by
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yourself which i'm doing at quality and later. the tolerotic travel in packs. the examples are protesters, activist groups and malaria. to them everything is mean. everything you do is mean. common sense is mean and languages mean. you can't call terrorism terrorism. you call that workplace violence. you he called a spontaneous mob because that might hurt somebody's feelings. we are a sensitized nation now. wealth is considered -- if you work for a living, that's mean. achievement is considered mean because somehow it's at the expense of somebody else. thinking about well for a minute. and the thing that drives me is all of these letters calling for an increase in taxes. so i thought about it for a while and i looked at their careers. a lot of them over the span of a
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decade got into the 20 to 30 to 40 million-dollar range of salaries and they are the ones that are saying we should raise taxes by people like them -- they are people in their 60's who have worked for 35 years getting to a job but if you say this to sound like you are defending the rich. they are throwing the rich under the bus. there's a guy in his 60's who has five kids, couple of grandkids. yes, he worked for that money. you didn't. you are an actor. [applause] i would say hold your applause until the end but i kind of like it, so -- examples of this phony tolerance and what it does is when the media portrays the tea party and occupy wall street. i could've written a whole book on this and i thought about just doing it on that.
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one was sanctifying if that is the word. excellent. if you look at the tea party, hundreds of thousands of people, no arrests and if you look at occupy wall street, thousands of arrests. the proportion of weirdness and violence cannot be questioned. you now we say this about the tea party. they don't throw chairs through windows. they owned a own the chair and the window. occupy wall street and the tea party are a great example of ownership versus public view. you don't in the driveway you own and occupy wall street went everywhere and that was the big trouble in. they created acres of unsanitary conditions and the people who were sympathetic to them were
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like get these freaks out of here. they can even take care of their own bodily functions and they want to change the government. if you can't be, you can't change anything you stupid, stupid jerks. anyway. [applause] the chapter, focus on how basically the media demonizes the tea party and lionizes occupy wall street. i will get into why they did it later in the third hour of the speech. other areas, everybody has a border but if you talk about a border you are a racist. grant has a border. they don't deserve one that they have one. [laughter] our military is treated on campus with intolerance. if you organize a care package delivery to afghanistan they
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will be professors and activist groups who say, why are we sending stuff to people who kill babies? i don't get it. i don't have anything beyond that those people are idiots because they allow people like bill maher to speak so they give accolades to tears when he is a terrorist if they get no respect to our troops. there's a chapter in my book on that. conservative women, any women? [applause] you have the toughest job because feminists hate you and they go out of their way to demonize you even though you are often stronger than they are because you are rejecting government dependence. feminists embrace government as daddy and you don't do that. that is kind of cool.
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language like i said before, things like ford did in benghazi, that has been completely released by the language of tolerance through political crack this. smoking is the last bastion of intolerance for a lot of people. they see me as a cigarette -- when they are drunk. can i have a cigarette? shut up. a lot of this is done through what i call the tyranny of cool. cool trumps all. we live in a culture where everyone wants to be cool. it's important to be accepted. how did this happen? the fact is, i use the phrase teenagers to describe everybody because that is what we have. they are upset with media pop-culture. people and in the entertainment and academic world are also obsessed with being cool. cool says traditional success is bad. it's an attack on their parents.
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enjoys comes back to something about dad did not hug me enough. i don't want to be like him and it's a total rebellion where people become relative. cool makes it so that it's all right. nobody, if you ask an actor who they would rather play, charles manson or mitt romney, they would say charles manson because you know i will lose weight and it will be a great role and i will when then oscar. hollywood romanticizes people. i remember growing up and there were always stories about rock stars bashing hotel rooms and how cool it was and how rebellious it was. but somebody had to clean that up and it was always the made. i wonder if these rock stars on
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the liberal left-wing think about these guys are the stuff they have to deal with when they are getting higher getting wasted. they can pretend to be a rebel when in fact they are hurting the regular guy they are championing. [applause] there used to be a time when like being a celebrity was supposed to be edgy. now they french kiss it. if you look at jon stewart he did a whole rally making fun of the tea party so that was supposed to be rebellious. all he was doing was speaking to power. it was the tea party who were the rebels and he was making fun of it. i think his rally was called -- [inaudible] he wasn't talking about liberals. he was talking about tea party you went out for the first time in their lives, they were went
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out and they did something. wasn't that supposed to be elevated by the media? is now not what they voice talked about, that getting involved? isn't that what it's all about? not when you are liberal. nevermind. you are old, you are stupid and silly. by the way, i always ask the liberals who would you rather share a bus with the tea partier for occupy wall street or? you know exactly what they say. they lie. so cool in my opinion is based on the david and goliath narrative. big is bad, small is good. so big things like america, the military, breakfast buffets are seen as evil and people can make fun of them. when you are in europe you can make fun of how americans are. i lived there for three years of
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of the small things however are seen as somewhat heroic. pair troopers are seen as freedom fighters because they are small. ows was a tiny faction was seen as cool and activism is and dana perino. [laughter] the media embraces david over goliath even if david is evil. if america were a house, the left would move to the -- i used that before and it worked. i'm not trying to say that the left are bad people. i'm just saying that they are not people. [laughter] no, no, no, not true. why i say that is because that is what they do. even if it's a joke. they are people. they are some of my favorite people but they don't own the
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turf that is ridiculed. so why is the uncool thing important to win an election? the reason people like barack obama is because he is cool. he is a community activist, an organizer. how did that happen? because it's cool. the culture embraces fake coolness over real achievement. kids would rather play faster not been actually be one or being an actor than actually doing something but i will say this. there is a really big bright spot in president obama being reelected. if he had lost he would be back for another four years and he would be 45% more gray which makes him more -- [inaudible] so we are uncool. that is the way the are.
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that is how we are. i don't believe that. i look at our message. what is our message? we like to build things. making things as cool. nothing wrong with that. we like be like to own stuff. competition is awesome. the liberal view is self-esteem is better. is better to build self-esteem without competition. that doesn't work. the highest incidence of self-esteem can be found in prison. i think i made that up. it's one of those things that you read and he repeated over and over again but if you ever meet a criminal they believe they can commit crimes but they deserve to. i deserve this, i don't have to work for it. i can take. our alternative is competition. it makes you a better person. you win. what we used to call patriotism is cool. we now have live in a country where everybody is -- by their identity which is not cool to me.
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is far more cool to say we are an american. we have to find a way to articulate that again. the reason why you came here is because this is a really awesome place and here's why it's awesome and here's why it's exceptional. [applause] what is not cool is dependency, which is gaining ground. if you remember the web site that the obama campaign put up that showed a woman's life being taken care of by the government. somehow that is okay, the idea that do you know what? don't try to hard, don't worry about it. we will be here for you. we are the net. how did i get to be cool? government inclusion is not cool but it's cool to them. now they want to get on your plate. they want to tell you what to eat. i just bought cigarettes. they got rid of lights. what is wrong with america?
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for them what is coolest separatism. this is the worst part and i think it's born out of the self-esteem movement. describing yourself by now what you have done that what you are. this is the most dangerous thing because it feeds into -- you cannot be happy defined by your identity. you are only happy when you're defined by your achievements and in your heart when you get up and go to work, we are creating a mass of people that are proud of what they are. having said that i am proud to -- in some way of we have replaced what was exceptional country with a tolerant country. it is why president obama went around the world. wasn't because america was exceptional. we want to be tolerant, we are not so bad. that never works.
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we see that now with the arab spring. the arab nightmare. so in closing, i was i was like to save and though i don't know what i'm going to say, in closing, the cooler in the driver seat right now. we are in the passenger seat. unfortunately the cool drive like -- [inaudible] to send? it was too soon for a jayne mansfield joke? so i actually have to go look for a joke that involves a horse and buggy and you guys will be okay. it's tough for us to find a messenger because as a conservative, we don't like government. why would we want to join something that we hate? asking a conservative to run for office is like having -- asking bill clinton to be monogamous.
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[laughter] like asking an activist to bathe. i could go through 10 of them that i will stop there. however the people you're dealing with once every two years in once every four years is like a romance novel. running for office as the romance novel. they are into it. their cars run for office. when you see them they have bumper stickers. is like a whiny to know how they feel all the time. i'm going off topic here. i was interviewed today, one of the worst interviews ever. she asked me a softball question and then can you tell me what the book says and i said can you give me specifics? there were 40 seconds of silence. if you can just tell me what you're talking about. actually bashing liberals. u.s. for specifics and it's clear that she had not read the book. you can't argue with the liberal
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when they don't even want to show up to do the homework. anyway, i kept going okay, this is a journalist. i feel like blah, blog, blog. so i'm going okay i think it's only the liberals that they like. i might be wrong but i said to her, i go it's weird. you keep saying how do you feel as opposed to what do you think? don't you think that is strange when you're interviewing an author about a book? isn't that weird? she did not have an answer for me. we we are seeing each other later. [laughter] she sounded cute. i am kidding. it was weird though. what was funny was, she asked me, she said to me, you transitioned from a magazine.
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what do they have in common? i said you know, the most important thing when you are a reporter you prepare. [laughter] you have a list of questions and read up on the person. anything, magazines, books, that is what you do. i don't think she even knew that i was talking to her. it was really good. aye this would be good advice. this would be really good advice for a journalist. anyway. so, like i said, the cooler driving the car and we are in the passenger seat. the message is great. are messages free markets, free minds, individuals. we are just not that great at articulating that because we don't play that game often enough. we need to find a messenger who can do it in a way that i don't
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know, is more fun, more interesting? we have got two years so start your engines. thanks. [applause] [applause] >> greg has been kind enough to set aside a few minutes to answer some questions. no, i didn't. [laughter] zvi okay will be happy to take any questions. people in the aisles wondering with microphones, rage or hand because you were on tv. right here. >> i was just curious do you see maybe you're anybody who could possibly maybe not replace andrew breitbart but step up and take his message of fighting
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back? fighting back may be the wrong word but doing what andrew did? >> andrew was -- and what is interesting is i've met a lot of people who work with breitbart and people who i work with on the show. it's kind of like in a weird way there are seven or eight people and i think you're seeing. there are so many people that were affected by breitbart. i compared it when i was at the funeral to a big bang. of these pieces and everybody walked away with a little piece of him. gavin mcguinness who mcginest was on my show a lot, i joke what would write part due in the situation and he had a shirt made. when you get in if a fight with the liberal liberals are just -- and it always works. you can't replace him but a lot
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of people together are i think. [applause] >> i was just wondering, you are one of the few conservative voices who does really well at -- and i was wondering if you have an opinion on why that is and if we can get better at humor and speaking the truth in that way? >> some of the funniest people i know or most of the funniest people i know are conservatives but they are doing other things. they are involved in business. it never occurred to them to be funny. do you know what they mean? it's a weird thing because most of the comedians when i do redeye are not liberal. there are a lot more out there than you think. they don't want to get screwed
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and that is the reality, a lot of people don't like to say what they feel. the most successful comedians always are grounded in common sense. that's generally my opinion. i did not answer your question. we are still meeting later. >> in the last election, it seems as though many of our candidates had a tin ear and didn't understand the constituents that they were speaking to. they had blunders that were exaggerated and amplified by the media but nonetheless, how can we get our candidates to at least understand, if not -- >> i would argue that they don't necessarily have to be hit. i don't think ronald reagan was hit. you know what's funny, people
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talk about ronald reagan to this day and how conservative he was and he raised taxes in this and that but for some reason he exemplified what was special about the american idea. i do think, no one would describe him as hip but he would articulate something that nobody else could. i had a strong feeling that he was giving their and i saw it when he said that one line. i have lived here 25 years and i have no idea what you're talking about. it was an engaging line. his mistake and i said this over and over again is why he dropped libya. he got scared and i think that he had a glimpse of what he could do, but i agree with you. remember back in the primaries,
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there were 13 people and i bet you can't name them all. i sat around trend to name them. there were 13 candidates and including -- that guy. 14. but you like sports event that you didn't like all of them and that was the problem. i think however, i remember i was writing and they were going crazy for barack obama in 2004 and 2005. i was looking at him and i said they have a reason to be excited because he is the most progressive candidate we have ever had and a perfect package. it's like it's going to happen. i think that romney was almost there but it at the end. >> right over here.
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be a happy warrior. a lot of people get down. the great thing about liberalism is they -- [inaudible] [applause] basically, when a parents go away on vacation, you come back and you come into the apartment are the house and you can tell there was something happening here. you have to get somebody give somebody to come in and clean it up. >> hi, greg. i want to thank you did for coming to california. >> my pleasure. [applause] >> i am their redeye junkie. we tape it and we watch it every morning. i just want to thank you for being a voice for people like us.
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people are sad about the election. it's the one voice that makes us laugh. you are the will rogers/mark twain of our generation and i am serious. you are great, so thank you. [applause] >> i think of myself more like shania twain but okay. [laughter] >> hi, greg. thank you for coming. >> i think i'm a little taller than you are. >> everybody's a little taller than me. >> thank you for bringing it up though. do you have a question and besides talking about my height? >> is not a serious question but i was watching and i'm wondering from this particular show if you -- you were talking to your group and you said you wanted to
8:57 pm
use the phrase fiscal cliff and he slipped and said something else that i will not say. i just want to know if anybody else caught it besides me? >> a lot of people did. you know, okay if you do two shows a day, that is going to happen. and by the way i'm not even sure what i said. but there are two versions of it. there is one that is profane and there is one that is really biological. it was such an obvious slip of the tongue. [laughter] this is the reagan library, people. you make me sick. >> real quick, we will go appear on the balcony. >> hi. i am a young boys are big fans of yours. i have my 13 and 10-year-old watching you you every day. >> where are you?
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>> i am over here. [laughter] actually when i told them i was coming to see you, they wanted to come too. they are big fans. >> that is perfectly fine. you are a terrible mother for coming here and leaving your kids alone. >> well, duct tape. >> duct tape works. >> believe me, they use it for many things. >> you know that's why they invented it. you would have been in trouble. so they called it that they. >> i have five boys. >> congratulations. >> there is more duct tape and you can imagine. and the way, my question is, what can we do to start breaking this liberal grip on --
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>> you have to mock it. by the way you know you are getting close when somebody is calling you a racist because that is your last arrow. and you just have to laugh at them. you have to mock them. unless of course you really are a racist. [laughter] i want to make it clear, racist is bad. bing called a racist when you are not is also bad. it's also bad. i it can ruin your life and you could lose your career. the left's left does it with -- i should read more. what is impunity? probably not a word i should remember. >> hi, greg. i think you have done a great job talking about a lot of the topics in your book that i noticed you have avoided one topic that i would like to ask
9:00 pm
you about. >> this is one of those things the editors of the book -- week as acus people who watch redeye, i create these fantasy worlds and just because i can. why shouldn't we? so in the book i bring up -- actually it's a personal story and i'm not going to bring it up here. [laughter] things did not work out. three rights but he doesn't write that. he is a panda. pandas can't write. i think. >> grade, it's nice meeting you and thank you for coming to l.a.. my question is -- [inaudible]
9:01 pm
[inaudible] les -- mao. [laughter] >> it's it seems to me that there is a lot of indoctrination going on in colleges and there isn't a voice for libertarians. ..
9:02 pm
the only way to break that is get in academia. who wants to do that it pays already. tenure is a problem. i mean, why is why are you allowed to be a crack pot on campus. because you can. you will not get -- fired. that's tenure. >> one question. continue to keep asking who pushed the video. >> yeah. [applause] you're referring to the suzanne somers exercise video. that was stolen from my locker. probably by sheep. [laughter] that's why he's in great shape. it's the only question that matters. everything about the story will is going to come back to that. it's always who told you to do that and why. there was no evidence there was
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a mob. go back to one thing, it was a gut response about how you feel about america and how you feel about everyone else that maybe it is our fault and maybe we should apologize even though there was no evidence and they laughed at us when we did that. sure. >> yes. [inaudible] what about your dad? what did he do -- how did you group up? were you parents -- [inaudible] >> my dad is serving twenty five to life. [laughter] actually, he's the winner of the family. [laughter] no, my dad passed away when 18 from cancer. it happens. you move on. good guy though. really good guy. thanks for asking, i guess.
9:04 pm
[laughter] yeah. >> all right i wondered what about to the liberal on red eye? [laughter] do you miss pinch? [laughter] all right. he was my feeling it was actually, i thought it was a practice cool decision because of the fact that there were new people that were watching it and it was being repeated. they were coming to red eye. i was thinking okay what are f they are not used to red eye and the first thing they see is a talking newspaper. the idea was to move the talking paper later in to the show but then we just forget about it . that's the funny thing about stuff. you forget. [laughter] there's a lot of things i am supposed to do. pinch is somewhere probably in a closet probably dying. [laughter] >> up here in the bag --
9:05 pm
balcony. >> hi -- [inaudible] from tokyo, japan. it's better than going to a george michaels concert. [cheering and applause] anyway. >> wait, nobody goes to george michael concert for the concert. they go for the after concert. [laughter] >> can i get a backstage pass? [laughter] anyway. i am -- [laughter] every time about to say something i keep going it's the reagan library. i say that holding . >> anyway. i am a conservative working actress here -- [inaudible] it is hard to meet nice conservative men like yourself. [laughter] and i was wondering for you
9:06 pm
could start fluffy dating website. [laughter] it's going a hit. >> i like the fact that you bring up fluffy mcnuter. probably half doesn't know what it is. [applause] fluffy was a mascot that i created red eye, which was his crazy fluffy thing that -- this was what happens one producer said i don't understand this fluffy. so they just took him away from me. much just like my half brother. they are starting this liberal conservative dating sites. >> try a -- handy date. there were a -- [inaudible] [laughter] >> really? [laughter] help me. >> i'll send you some numbers.
9:07 pm
[laughter] all right. [applause] if one guy -- if one guy shows up looking a lot like me in a disguise, and at the weird time of night. [laughter] -- [inaudible] >> we will never -- eat. [laughter] >> hi, greg, first of all, thank you for the -- [inaudible] andrew breitbart. we're conservative women we used to have a sense of humor. evidence we have the knot in the stomach. we have heard ben shapiro speak us and said we have to go after the media. that's fine he has the forum. what can we do sitting here going home and doing normal lines. >> el, who's to stop you from
9:08 pm
mock you whenever you want to go. look, i don't i have -- i'm lucky i can say whatever i want. you can tell me what to do. basically that's what people do. they find me and say you have to say this to bob. sometimes i actually say it. the whole thick thing is to keep a good humor and know you are right. you center to know you are right and not be shaken by idiots. [applause] >> we have time for about two more questions. right here. [inaudible] i was wondering for you could tell people like yourself who haven't allowed a liberal within a hundred miles of them. how you influence them. >> wait. basically the only way. i mean, it sounds kind of arrogant. i feel like i never really felt that left and right was a
9:09 pm
horizontal relationship. i felt it was vertical you start there and go there. it's not an original idea, actually. the old line is what is conservative. it's a liberal who has been mugged. and, i mean, i don't know who said that. it might have been william f. buckley. it's the truth that a certain point life mugs you in different ways. when you have kids, you are mugged by your kid. you're mugged by taxes, and that turns you in to a liberal. and conservative and a liberal, i was saying this earlier to somebody like a lib call -- liberal can hold on to the idea until it's the property. then it's like they're not sharing at all. that's kind of the, i think that's the evolution. i do worry that, you know, we're becoming part of a society where we believe our government should be this all caring being. i believe the government should help people in need. i think we're establish that the government should be everybody. that scares me a little bit. we have to take it back and
9:10 pm
teach people self-reliance and achievement matters. it's the only thing that makes them feel good. [applause] time for one last question right back here. >> hello, greg. >> hi. >> i have a question you already started working on or have any idea for the next book. >> who told you to ask the question. [laughter] i told you to wait in the car. [laughter] you never listen, do you? i told you not to let him in. i gave you a picture. you were supposed -- yeah, i'm working on the next book. some of the stuff i talked about in here is going what i think my book is going to be about. i think. i don't know yet. or it could be about fuzzy things. [laughter] i really like fuzzy stuff. slippers.
9:11 pm
cats. think i'm done yet? [laughter] i could keep going with fuzzy stuff. i googled it this morning there are 86 million. lint. >> while he continues to think of more. can i still -- [inaudible] >> can i ask that everyone allow greg to get out this way. [inaudible] >> and so before we give him a round of applause. thank you for coming. [applause] [applause] thank you. [applause] c-span created by america's cable companies in 1979. brought do you as a public service by your television provider.
9:12 pm
here's a look at some books become published this week. in living with honor, a memoir, recounts the battle in afghanistan. made him the first living person to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war.
9:13 pm
program began under tug well who was one of the advisers to president rose visit to document the conditions under which people were living. this was back when we didn't have television. we had radio but a lot of places didn't have electricity, so they couldn't listen to the radio broadcast to find out what was going on in other parts of the
9:14 pm
country. >> rory who was an economist from colombia university, he was the head of the project, in 1939 when kodak introduced color film, they sent film to roy striker to have his photographers try out. see what they could do. kodak was trying to establish a new market, new product, and they wanted people who would know how to use it effectively. to try it out and publicize it. >> america of the 1930s and '40s comes to life of the eye of camera. beverly shares some of the 1600 photographs taken during the depression and world war ii. american art facts. part of american history tv this weekend on c-span three. you're watching booktv on c-span2 here on location in las vegas at freedom fest.
9:15 pm
now joining us is author and entrepreneur wayne allyn root. here is his book the "the conscience of a libertarian" mr. root, if you would start by giving us a quick bio of yourself. >> well, i can give you a bio, it won't be quick. [laughter] i've done a lot in my short life. probably the first thing you need to do the media calls me the king of las vegas. i was the king of las vegas sports gambling for 25 years before i got involved in politics. i guarantee the person that has a star on the sidewalk in las vegas. las vegas walk of stars. fifty people in the world wayne newton and wayne root and elvis an interesting crowd. i got to politics. i guarantee i'm the only las vegas and a regular on fox news. i'm a column nist at fox
9:16 pm i write for probably every major conservative website in the world. my commentary read by about 75,000 people. i do a ton of radio interviews. i get my political advice and inside out there every day of the week and my number one thing at this point is an america needs offshoring. we have to offshore barack obama. he has to go. send him to china. >> first of all, what is . >> a vegas odds makers is someone who predistincts the winner of a sporting event. it was a natural outgrowth for me. to predicting the winner of political elections. and i think it was 2004, news max, the conservative website said out of all the odds makers and pollsters in america the one who got the most accurate
9:17 pm
prediction was wayne root. i predicted bush by three points and 35 electoral votes and he won by three votes and. i'm darn good. are you breaking these political odds down by county? >> i just look at people. i'm a people person. the same reason i've been predicting sporting event. i'm good at who has the edge based on situation historical or situational situations based on whether players are up or down. psychologically based on how they played last week and next week. i felt the same way about election. i know, four years ago i spoke to probably 1,000 i was a vice president nominee hundreds of small business people. i would say normally you think of small business people being overwhelmingly conservative. four years ago half the people i spoke to who owned small business said i'm willing to give obama a chance.
9:18 pm
i made a prediction that obama would win the election. he it. four years later, if i at least 1,000 small business people in constant contact with me, not one of them is supporting obama. not one, i have yet to find a small business person in the united states of america who thinks obama is doing a good job. i'm predicting and have for the last month that romney land landslide. i'm one of the few people. and i think it will be the same reason how can any human being with a brain walk to the voting booth on november 6th and not asking the following question. number one, am i better off four years ago. number two, could we take chance on four more years of this guy, barack obama? ? your answer has to be no. anything is better. >> in conscious -- "the conscience of a libertarian" we're the group nays for others to live the american dream. we work the long hours and pay
9:19 pm
the taxes that allow government hire all the necessary government employees, pay for the bloated pension and keep expanding government programs. we may dislike government but ironically we pay for it. >> right. i'm proud not just those words. the whole book, really the main point of the book is the country is going bankrupt. four years ago written in november and december of twaict after the election and finished in january before obama put the hands on the -- bible. he was my classmate. >> do you remember him? >> nobody remembers him. i never saw him, never heard of him. i never met a single classmate who knows him. the most bizarre mystery is the candidate. something is wrong. i said it from day wrong. there's something wrong. the scandal wasn't where he was born. it was where he went college. i knew everyone at colombia. never met him. i have feelings of doubt as to what the story is at colombia.
9:20 pm
i don't know what it is. i'm telling you take colombia. there's something there. i predicted in the bock that obama would support unions above all other human being in government. government -- he fight for green energy and hand that to the contributors. he's fight for high speed rail and hand to the contributors. he produced a guy i can't bailout at gm. he would support the democratic contributors and bankrupt the united states of america. that's exactly what happened. the prediction was made before he put his hand on the bible. he's done anything i say he would do. there were two professors who just left when we got there. the only two guys in the country talk about this. me and glen beck. i said in the beginning they had a theory in order to destroy the country and wipe out capitalism so you to elect somebody willing to cut the afro and put on a gorgeous silk tie.
9:21 pm
a beautiful family, tell everyone he's not divider. how fair he is and helps to the middle class and overwhelm the system with debt. explode the system with debt and entitlement and get torch the knees begging government to save them. every step of the way. watch it that's what barack obama has done. he pulled the professor in front of the nation and no one stopped him. i have been saying it every step of the way. >> wayne allyn root is a libertarian different than a conservative? >> yeah. it's a little more moderate and tolerant on social issues which are almost meaningfulless. what difference does it make if you have gay marriage if you are gay and unemployed. what difference does it make if you have an abortion and you are employed. the answer is what matters is jobs. jobs and the economy.
9:22 pm
and so, you know, i think from every measure standard obama's a failure. back to libertarian. republicans had the chance with george bush. he was a failure. terrible president. the only guy worse than bush is barm. back to back you've had two terrible presidents. the difference is one supported capitalism one without any questions is socialist. the socialist is obama. libertarians on the other hand haven't caused any of the problem. we haven't been in officer. you can't blame us for the $100 trillion debt. you can't blame us for every problem emulating out of washington, d.c. we pointed out the disasters what i said in the book is just look at california. i said it four years ago. california is greece. it will go bankrupt. it's done. stick a fork in it. it and it came true. why? obama is practicing the california model for the entire nation. and that's what is happening to the country and that's why there are no jobs because in the end,
9:23 pm
my father, the butcher, had it right. my father the blue collar butcher said, son, ill through hate rich people. nobody poor has ever given me a job. it if you demonize and target and hunt and punish rich people all day they're going go on strike. they're not going create jobs they're not going to make you money, or pay you taxes they leave the country. who left the country this week after i've been saying. denise rich, the biggest democratic contributor in the country. she's now an us a free began citizens who left the country a month ago. the guy who cofounded facebook who left the country with the billions of dollars and he's a singapore residence. these are the people obama likes and they're running from him. so it just shows you no one will be left when he's re-elected. >> you write "the conscience of a libertarian" the point of the book is that government should
9:24 pm
be stripped of the power to baseball anything that is . >> that's the libertarian difference. we don't believe government has a right to tell you what to do or how to live your life. i'm a guy who i think watching right now will say what a conservative. what a constitutional conservative. when it comes to abortion and gay rights and the social issues, i don't want government involved. i think it's hypocritical to say you are against big government that's my philosophy. let them alone it live their lives and make their mistake. >> who your heroes president reagan an winston churchill. >>, by the way,bear gold barry a gold water. he's the man that inspired ronald reagan. it wouldn't have been a reagan without the gold water. reagan is the one i know.
9:25 pm
i named my third child after ronald reagan. and i'm fighting for smaller government. reagan's most famous saying the nine worse words in the english language i'm from the government and i'm here to help. i think i honor him every day by fighting for smaller government. that's my biggest philosophy. it isn't greedy for the american people to keep more of their own men. the definition of greed is ask government steal it from the guy working and give it to you for isn't working. that's greed. someone has to be willing to say. entrepreneurers work longer hours strong jobs like government employees. we don't get summers off. we don't get weekends off. we don't get nights off. i go home and answer e-mails. in the morning i answer e-mail. on my birth someday and holiday. i work eight hours a day instead of the usual 16. it i deserve my money. i worked for my money. i earned my money.
9:26 pm
and i create jobs and invest and pay taxes and i make america go with my money. i'm not a timid republican. i'm proud to tell america the people that make the money deserve keep more of the own money. they earned it and make the greatest country in world history. they are the ones being targeted, hunted, demonized and punished by president obama. that's what is wrong by the american economy. >> you failed to mention that your named your fourth child after church hip -- churchill. he saved america from hilt leer from the nazi and he did it with i think visit most of. enthusiasm. energy. kept england excited to beat the germans. if you know the history, i'm a historian. i study the great leader and general and president. churchill, the odds of britain winning was zero. he kept the british people
9:27 pm
excited and enthusiastic and faithful that in the end god and his country would come through. and in the end he got fdr excited. american people excited. we joined the war and won. we defeated one of the greatist tyrants. one of the most horrible tyrants. killed 6 million of my relatives. this was hilt leer. it was because churchill was excitable. had high energy. believed in himself. by failure after failure in the own personal life and overcame and learned lessons. everyone has to do that. you can't reward the people who fail. that's where the republicans went wrong. it started with bush. you don't reward the failing companies on wall street. i tell people that when you're -- that makes $26 million a year you have no right to be mad.
9:28 pm
he doesn't cost taxpayers a dime. you have a right to be mad at government employees for $100,000 pensions for not working for the rest of the life. that comes from you. when it comes to bail out from the company and pay the wall street executive $50 million. you have broken every principal of capitalism. that's the only area i'll agree with occupy by. filledfilled with socialist and markist filled with everything wrong except you don't bail out capitalism ever. let them fail. that's the answer. that's the libertarian answer. >> wayne allyn root you use god in the subtitle and talk about god quite a bit in your book. >> i do. >> but libertarianism is often associated with religion correct? >> libertarians is not center associated or religion or god. i believe you nation filled with
9:29 pm
people that love god. i believe we live in a nation is majority christian. i'm a jew turned evangelical christian. i believe we can use god in the school and prison. on the other hand as a libertarian i don't force it down anymore's throat. i'm not a guy who believes god should a role in the state. it's a clear separation between. america is nation believes strongly in god and a deep abiding faith in god. until libertarian candidate comes along with the beliefs we can't win major office. i believe i give us the opportunity and my plan is to be a libertarian candidate for president of the united states of america in 2016. the plan to be the first third party candidate to win. this is booktv on c-span2. we are at freedom festival. held annually in las vegas talking with several different authors. and we've been talking with wayne allyn root. who lives here in las

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